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Getaway Band - Gathering Spirits

Gathering Spirits, Catch Me If You Can, Fear or Peace, Get-A-Way, Dreams Pt. 1, Party With the Band, Wine Glass, Die in the Ghetto, Do You Ever Think of Me, Catch Me If You Can (Acoustic Version), Walk Through Life, Start All over Again, Dreams Pt. 2

Getaway Band - From the Heart

Tomorrow's a Mystery, Butterflies & Rainbows, Do You Ever Think of Me, Special Wish, Walk Through Life, Justin's Song, Start All over Again, Tell You About the Blues,  Catch Me If You Can, Boogie in E, Dreams II, Relax

Getaway Band - Livin the Blues

Livin’ the Blues, Bikers Ride, Guitar Man, Friends, Musician’s Plea, Lady, Pole Climbing Momma, Party, Tell Ya ‘Bout the Blues, Commercial in C

Getaway Band Tank Tops available at the shows!

Getaway Band song Struggles

Without You - Single

The song is being sold as a charity single for the Berwick Cancer Support charity in Berwick upon Tweed England.

Dad - Single

Acoustic song with a great 3 part harmony. Very emotional song from the heart.

Run, Run, Run - Single

Pop song with great hi vocals & harmonies.